Residents' Karaoke Christmas Party

To be held at Forsight - Grunsell House, 241 North Rocks Road, North Rocks. Thursday 16th December 2010.
As you would be aware the Residents’ Christmas Party is on again this year. The Rotary Clubs of West Pennant Hills/Cherrybrook and Thornleigh, United Way Sydney and Beecroft Inner Wheel Club are all donating gifts for every resident from their Trees of Joy.

We will invite all donors to attend our party to see first-hand how their gifts bring cheer to our residents. Directors will be invited to join us.

Following the positive feedback on the Fancy Dress Disco we have decided to adopt the format with residents being seated in a large circle. This will make it easier for Santa to hand out gifts to residents and for the karaoke microphone to be handed around.

Starts at 4.00pm and finishes at 6.00pm. Admission will be free.
Contact Trish Wetton, 9872 9000 or email

Forsight Rock n Roll Disco

To be held at Forsight - Grunsell House, 241 North Rocks Road, North Rocks.
A Fancy Dress Disco for Forsight's adults and members of the local Community to dance and party together focusing on the Six Senses.

Forsight's Dance Therapist, Kirsty Fromholtz will coordinate Disco Dancing with a Rock N Roll theme. Everyone will be able to: Use their Senses to participate in a Rock N Roll themed Disco Dance Party. Catch up with old friends and meet new friends. Dress up in exciting fancy dress costumes.

Enjoy Sensory music and dance with a focus on vibration, touch and feelings. Enjoy party food that will suit all tastes. Fancy dress costumes are being provided by Dural Party Hire free of charge. Party food is being donated.

Starts at 4.00pm and finishes at 6.00pm. Admission will be free.
Contact Trish Wetton, 9872 9000 or email

Lesson 12 - Final

The Final Lesson from the Development and Operation of an Australian Accommodation support system for Deafblind Adults. Read More...

Lesson 11

Changing needs
Lesson 11 Program development must take into account the changing needs that arise from; improvements or deterioration of an individual’s condition; on-going developmental opportunities, different life stages; and choices made by the individual resident.

The changing needs of deafblind residents are monitored by the Forsight Foundation management and staff in collaboration with other services, families, Advocates and Guardians. A pro-active approach is used to ensure that early symptoms or deterioration of a resident are picked up. The ‘Preventive activities over the Life Cycle’ system provides a guide for screening for age related illnesses. Screening is firstly identified in the Individual Plan and then included in the DDHU Care Plan.

An accommodation retirement program operates at some group homes for residents who do not attend day programs or supported employment services full-time.

Link to Lessons 1-12 as they are being posted.

Lesson 10

Comprehensive services
Lesson 10 Providing comprehensive supports on an individual resident basis requires a planned approach with emphasis on periods of transition between phases, for example, that which occurs on leaving school for adulthood.

All new admissions require an individual planning approach. The Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (DADHC) Vacancy Management Committee oversees all placements. The comprehensive DADHC proposal for funding is based on Assessment outcomes and budgetary guidelines. Residents entering the Forsight Foundation from School would access the same process as the adults who transfer from another adult service such as an Aged Care Nursing Home, DADHC large residential or group home.

The location of family and friends of deafblind residents is taken into account to ensure relationships can be easily maintained. Day programs and supported employment services, including transport needs are identified.

Link to Lessons 1-12 as they are being posted.

Lesson 9

Specialist supports
Lesson 9 These are essential as part of the agency’s comprehensive service provision.

An experienced member of the Forsight Foundation management team attends all appointments at the Developmental Disability Health Unit (DDHU) at Royal Rehabilitation Hospital or attends appointments with any treating Specialist with each resident. This practice ensures continuity and accurate information is provided confidentially. A comprehensive Care Plan is developed by the DDHU and regularly reviewed. A team of specialists is involved in the implementation each Care Plan. In addition, Forsight Foundation Care Plans are developed for all hospital stays and Specialist treatments to record all information.

Clinics are conducted regularly by Westmead Dental Hospital, Dysphagia Clinic, Clinicall and Macquarie University Audiology Clinic for all residents at Forsight Foundation Group Home Support Centre at North Rocks. Clinicians are always pleased to examine residents who are relaxed in their familiar surroundings.

Staff are kept informed of all specialist support arrangements through the Trans-disciplinary team confidential approach using group home computers.

Link to Lessons 1-12 as they are being posted.

Lesson 8

Forsight Foundation staff training includes Certificate IV in Disability Studies and in house training. Competent staff can provide learning opportunities to residents across all programs. Read More...

Lesson 7

Forsight Foundation believes that all residents where possible go home to their families during Christmas and Easter breaks. Read More...

Lesson 6

Families, friends and Advocates play an important role in the lives of deafblind residents. Home visits are anticipated eagerly. These highly important links are nurtured by staff. Read More...

Lesson 5

Residents attend regular meetings where they receive assistance to communicate their views about their group home. Read More...

Lesson 4

Living in the community is not enough. Relationships in daily life with non-disabled people need as much as possible to be fostered. Read More...

Lesson 3

Forsight Residents are able to access their local shopping centre with one-to-one support for personal shopping and personal care appointments. Additional one-to-one support is available through the Group Home Support Centre at North Rocks. Read More...

Lesson 2

Assessments at Forsight Foundation take into account the centrality of the sensory and multiple disabilities, and include consideration of the whole person. Assessments require input from the resident with a disability or an advocate, and from family members and carers. Read More...

Lesson 1

In its 30 years successful experience at developing and managing a reasonably large accommodation and support system for deafblind adults, Forsight Foundation’s management, staff and residents have learned that the following areas are highly important to the success of the agency: Sound principles. Read More...

Forsight Program Outline

12 Lessons from the Development and Operations of an Australian Accommodation Support System for Deafblind Adults. These 12 Lessons were written jointly by Dr Mike Steer, Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children, and The University of Newcastle, NSW and Trish Wetton, CEO of Forsight Foundation. Each Lesson will be submitted for viewing over the comming weeks. Read More...